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Update:  Although the pandemic and other factors have delayed the opening of our new venture, we continue to work towards this new and exciting goal!  We plan to operate at 10/09 kitchen and Nick’s Sandwich Company for the foreseeable future – thank you for your support!!


August 17, 2019

To our beloved guests:  Nick and Sara are so excited to announce the next step in the culinary adventure you have taken with us over the last six years! 

We have recently entered into a new partnership with the Dalesmen Distillery and Brewery that is coming to Historic Downtown Bedford in Fall of 2020.  Along with their co-founders, Derek, Nate, and Mike, Nick and Sara have formed a new company, Dalesmen Ventures, LLC.

Although this means that our current operation at 10/09 kitchen and Nick’s Sandwich Company will be coming to an end in 2020, we are so looking forward to offering you more of what you have come to love at our restaurants!  This new venture gives us the opportunity to expand our current culinary offerings, and for Chef Nick and the 10/09 kitchen team to create new and exciting dining experiences for you to enjoy.  We will be taking the very best of what makes 10/09 kitchen great – the culture, many of the recipes, the staff, and the customer service – and expanding it into something bigger and better! 

We will be making more announcements and revealing more details as the date approaches, but in the meantime, here are some answers to the questions we are sure you all will have!

When will this all happen?  We will announce an exact date closer to the opening of the Dalesmen Distillery and Brewery, but we expect an opening date in Fall of 2020.  We plan for 10/09 kitchen to continue to operate normally until several weeks before the Dalesmen opening.

I’m a member of the Wine Club; what happens to my membership?  The current memberships expire in Spring of 2020, so there will be no interruption in your membership!  We will NOT be selling 2020-2021 memberships to the Wine Club; however, stay tuned for new membership opportunities at the Distillery and Brewery!

What about my gift cards?  Current holders of 10/09 kitchen and Nick’s Sandwich Company gift cards will be able to redeem them as long as those restaurants are operating, so you have months and months yet!  Starting in a few weeks, we will begin selling Dalesmen branded gift cards that will be redeemable at 10/09 kitchen and Nick’s Sandwich Company in the interim, AS WELL AS at the new Distillery and Brewery in the future.  10/09 kitchen and Nick’s Sandwich Company gift cards that have been sold up to this point will NOT be redeemable at the new Distillery and Brewery, so plan your visit to see us soon and use them up!

Where can I get more information?  We’re glad you asked!  Check out the Dalesmen website at, follow us @dalesmendb on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates on our progress!








Wine, beer and spirits now available!

We are so happy to announce the opening of our expanded dining room, and the addition of a PA liquor license!

We are now offering a full wine and bottled beer menu, as well as a full menu of traditional and signature cocktails.  Hope you will get to visit us soon!